Advanced twitter techniques and tools

If you own a business and have decided that you want to go on Twitter, odds are you are using the site to promote your company, not catch up with old school friends. Well first of all, you shouldn’t confine yourself to Twitter. Be sure to utilize as many sites as possible and link them all together. For example, post pictures of your company and/or products on Flickr, put videos on YouTube and do blog posts where you quote Twitter users. So basically, your Twitter account should only be the beginning of your advertising.

Twitter is not perfect and its interface can be confusing and unsuited to certain tasks. Fortunately, there are a multitude of tools such as TwitterAnalyzer and Twitter Stats that have been developed which cover all bases. While some are merely used to make simple tasks like sending messages simpler, others reward you with additional features such as automatic updating of keyword searches and marking off tweets which have already been read.

Twitter’s built-in search option is the emperor of all tools however. The advanced search options allow you to find tweets that contain certain phrases, perfect when trying to locate that politically incorrect tweet that made you howl with laughter, when no one else was around of course. TweetDeck is a desktop client that enables you to run several simultaneous searches which are updated in real time. For those who have a life and are unfamiliar with Twitterisms, this basically means that your search feeds are directly linked to the interface.

As already mentioned, having the ability to extend your online persona beyond Twitter is critical to your company’s success. FriendFeed is a fantastic tool for this purpose. This service allows you to consolidate feeds from a huge number of other social networks, over forty in fact so you can utilize other sites such as Facebook and YouTube. Effectively, FriendFeed gives your tweets an even larger audience than it would have on Twitter.

Even those running a company cannot be near a computer 24 hours a day, yet prolonged stays away from the internet could hamper your business. If you have an iPhone however, there are loads of Twitter applications available for you. One of the most popular right now is Twinkle which allows you to find other Twitterers nearby and keep your followers up to date about your company.

One wonders how companies survived back in the days of the horse and cart when the only mobiles available were mobile homes. Nonetheless, there is no need to fall victim to nostalgia. If the technology is available, you must use it if you want your company to compete. Other advanced Twitter techniques and applications are available for anyone looking to have an edge over the competition.

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