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Although a picture can say a thousand words, a video communicates better than anything else. Businesses looking to use Twitter as a platform to grow their company should have a look at the best ways to shares videos on Twitter. You could upload videos as a way to air commercials on the site. This is your opportunity to copy big name brands and use scantily clad models to promote your company. Probably best not to allow Jeff from accounts to parade his beer belly though, unless you’re promoting beer!

TwitVid is not a term used to describe videos of idiots, it is actually a video sharing site and you can upload via webcam, email and Web. All you have to do is log in using the same information as you do for Twitter (don’t worry it’s an affiliate site). Then you simply choose your file (up to 20 minutes long), enter a description that is a maximum of 117 characters and enter. This is possibly the easiest method of getting your videos on Twitter.

Twiddeo also allows you to upload videos via cam and email but it is not as attractive a site as TwitVid visually. The video pages are quite bare though you can leave comments and view videos of other users. A cool function is the Greasemonkey script. Even though it sounds like an application that invites a mechanic over to stain your carpet with oil, it actually allows you to play videos from Twiddeo on your Twitter homepage.

Twitc is a hosting service that allows users to import content from the YouTube and other similar sites and place it on your homepage as well as allowing you to upload your own material. The problem with Twitc is that is takes longer to upload videos than other sites because you are required to create and name your own albums rather than simply uploading whatever you choose. That said, Twitc is superior in terms of features such as the ability to update your Twitter status as well as commenting on any content you wish on the Twitc site.

TwitLENS allows users to upload either videos or images and share them on Twitter. You can upload a host of videos at one time (up to 50MB) as well as comments and mobile uploads. TwitLENS is the only application that uses secure login and you are able to tag and embarrass friends and family in pictures and videos using their Twitter names. This is done by uploading the content, returning to your Twitter profile and tagging from there. Those tagged will receive an email notifying them of your activity so anyone handcuffed naked to a lamp post will have fair warning.

Although uploading videos is fun, a smart company will find a way to use it to their advantage as a promotional tool. If used correctly, any of these applications could cause your business to have exponentially more clients than ever before.

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