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Life can be a hard and arduous process and we all need a bit of humour to lighten up our day. Twitter is home to some of the most hilarious messages you are likely to see on any site and if you can tickle enough people’s funny bone, you are sure to have a host of followers waiting to see what zany antics you come up with next. It is difficult to figure out exactly what people find funny, (after all, millions of Americans unaccountably find the dire Friends series hilarious) but the following are a few tips that should help you on your way.


Like it or not, controversy sells. From every celebrity that gets arrested for drunk driving to comedy shows that push the envelope, if you say or do something risqué, an act that is not the social norm, then you’re likely to be talked about. Some of Twitter’s most popular tweets contain either humorous chauvinistic or feminist rants and are deliberately designed to incite anger and laughter all at the same time. This is a hard type of humour to pull off however. An ill-timed diatribe about women belonging in the kitchen may cause men to become a social pariah to rival Gary Glitter.


There is little that induces laughter more than photographs of people in compromising situations. This is not to say that you should post pictures of you handcuffed naked to a lamp post but you could stitch up your friends by posting comparable photos. Unless you are immune to embarrassment or else you have no problems incurring the wrath of irate friends, it is probably best to stick to more harmless pictures. Ones that depict animals in amusing situations are the safest bet.


Then again you can always go for the straight comedy route but beware, telling amusing anecdotes in 140 characters or less is a skill that is not easily learned. Such tweeted comedy is usually the preserve of established comedians who have developed an acute sense of timing and poise. There is nothing less humorous than telling a joke on Twitter which takes about 6 tweets to complete. Few people will bother to continue reading and the punch line had better be funny to make it worth their while!


As already mentioned, there are no real hard and fast rules regarding comedy on Twitter or in life in general. Different people have disparate tastes so finding your audience is essential. Your tweets can be rude and expletive filled if you choose. In fact, the only real rule is to never tell jokes that are offensive to race and religion as these are touchy subjects that could see you banned for mocking them.

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