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If you’re a company that is interested in latching onto the Twitter revolution like an agoraphobic latches onto anything that will prevent them from being dragged outside, then you will need to come up with a Twitter background page that shows you mean business. Your profile page is where you get to showcase your company so leaving it vanilla plain is not conducive to success. Changing background is nowhere near as complicated as it sounds and the little effort that it requires could reap huge rewards.


A Twitter page has a set structure. You have your menu bar on the top right, the timeline as the dominant feature, the sidebar on the right and your picture on the top left. The background is what surrounds all of this and leaving it as you find it will not help your page (and your business) stand out. It is possible to change almost everything on the page so get cracking!


One technique that is rarely used by anyone is the merging of the background with the sidebar. This simply means that you have both parts of the page with the same design. Come up with image ideas that will successfully promote your company using this technique and you are guaranteed to stand out as so few businesses try this at the minute.


Your profile picture does not have to portray you as a grinning idiot nor does it have to depict you as a sombre politician. Indeed, such pictures either make you look insane or the leader of a cult (they go hand in hand mind)! Instead, why not use an avatar or background image that has an association with your company or product you are selling? Realistically, your Twitter profile shouldn’t be about you if it’s for business purposes. Rather than having a profile, your page should be a brand.

Basically, the whole point of your Twitter profile for business purposes is the create a fusion between personalisation (because your page should be unique) and business (as your page should be designed with sales in mind). So there is no excuse not to go wild and become creative. For example, change your sidebar from the default mode to your own specific design. Also, use icons and logos that sum up what your company is all about and feel free to play around with ideas.


In summation, doing anything is better than doing nothing in terms of your Twitter page. Remember, you will be competing with thousands of companies so if you look the same as they do, no one will want to do business with you, regardless of how good your merchandise. Stand out to win out!

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