Defining a pro twitter user

With so many people on Twitter, it is easy for anyone with the know-how to capture and keep the attention of a huge audience. While there is no possible way to keep everyone happy, you can certainly have a Twitter page that is unique in its content which is what people are looking for. The great thing about the site is the fact that anyone who displays such originality will gain a host of followers very quickly as word gets around. A pro Twitter user is someone who manages to manipulate the site’s format to suit their own ends and manages to gain a large following in the bargain. Here is a list of people who achieve just that.


Ÿ         Arjen Basu is the Editorial Director of spafax. He saw that regardless of how they were written, marketing tweets were still generic in form as was anything to do with business. So instead of following the crowd, he came up with his own way of using the 140 character system. He sends what he calls ‘twisters’ which are short pieces of fiction in lieu of tweets. I think you’ll agree that this is much more entertaining than an advert for socks.

Ÿ         The Book Oven is not the sole preserve of any one author. Instead, many brains have converged to create a Twitter profile that is low on spiel and rich in information. Instead of boring you with irrelevant news in the world of technology, The Book Oven provides links to all the important news in the industry to its followers.

Ÿ         Amber MacArthur is someone who likes to show off her multitasking skills because as we all know, only woman can do several things at once (ignoring the fact that us guys can drink beer, watch football on TV AND complain about the ref at the same time). Amber is a professional speaker as well as being a tech journalist and her page offers its followers video podcasts with news and advice.

Ÿ         If you’re looking for top quality conversation in the fields of media and publishing, you need to check out Jay Rosen. Few in his area have the ability to match his insights and each tweet is a little piece of education.


The above are just some of the examples of individuals and companies who can be described as ‘professional Twitter users’. They have all successfully utilised the format of the site to improve their visibility and in some cases further their careers. Follow their Twitter pages and you may come up with ideas of your own that could one day see you classified as a pro Twitter user.

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