Different types of tweets and twits

Twitter allows virtually anything to be posted so long as what you post does not incite any sort of racial or religious hatred or advocates the longevity of boy bands. Yet despite being a race that contains seven billion people or so and regardless of the fact that there are hundreds of millions of Twitter users, there are a few distinct styles that are easy to spot and categorise. Such simplicity in our tweets should be blamed on the aforementioned boy bands and proliferation of reality television but that’s another story.

One of the most popular tweeting styles is the narcissistic mundane style which is a disturbing indictment of mankind, or at the very least really, really annoying. These tweets are all about the user. How they spent their day, what they ate etc. Unless your followers are brainwashed into thinking you are the second coming (or else they’re your loved ones) there is nothing there for anyone else to enjoy in what is the Jose Mourinho of tweets.

Twitter allows others to interject into a conversation and can either start up a lively debate or open up a can of worms. You are able to respond to someone else’s tweet instantly and so can others. It is a great way to discover that more people liked Magnum P.I than you first realized. While it can be the cause of many disagreements, it is a great way to start up Twitter friendships too.

Another type of tweet is the one asking questions. Twitter allows its users to ask open questions about any subjects and invites all and sundry to answer. This is a tremendous way to get advice off people. You do need to be careful what you ask because having the world know that you were never taught the birds and bees and now you’re 32 can be quite embarrassing.

For everyone who posts a tweet asking a question, you will have 10 who love to reply. Some of these people do so because they genuinely want to help and enjoy doing so. Others answer because they like the sound of their own keyboard or something like that. These people will probably answer your question by mentioning something about them. There will always be a few clever clogs who will deliberately steer you in the wrong direction. Do the right thing: steer them in the direction of the ‘it’s all about me’ tweeter. They deserve each other.

These are just some of the variety of Twitter users. As long as you avoid becoming the ‘me, me, me’ tweeter or the ‘I bitched about my boss/company/wife and now I’m broke/fired/single’ tweeter you’ll be fine.

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