How to clean up your twitter page

When your Twitter page is up and running and the amount of people following you is increasing, it is a pretty good feeling, much like when a drunken email you send to an ex bounces off their address instead of reaching them. Yet at a certain point it becomes tough to keep track of all the people who are following you as well as those that you follow. Luckily, there are dozens of sites available that are specifically designed to help you manage your Twitter page.


Ÿ         Friend or Follow is extremely easy to handle and understand. It simply tells you who you’re following who is not returning the favour and who is following you that you have not followed back. You can then cease to follow anyone who has not done you the courtesy as well as being nice and following those that are faithfully hanging on your every word. This is a good way to avoid a Fletcher Christian style Twitter mutiny.

Ÿ         Twitterless takes this a step further. As well as telling you who has stopped following you, it also shows graphs of your history of followers of the course of time. This invaluable tool may help you discover why certain followers jumped ship.

Ÿ         Who Should I Follow is designed to help Twitter users find more interesting people. It uses the information of those you already follow to find other users with similar interests.

Ÿ         MyCleenr is a fantastic tool that helps you clean up your Twitter account. It sorts your friends in terms of when they last tweeted. Thanks to MyCleenr, you can tidy up your account by deleting inactive accounts that you follow.

Ÿ         UseQwitter is handy because it emails you when one of your adoring audience stops following you. Then you can find out their name and address and hunt them down followed by wild gesticulations as you ask them to explain themselves. Or not.

Ÿ         Twitblocker helps you to block all the incessant tweets involving your friends when you’re online but not involved in the conversation. All you have to do is install the greasemonkey script and a double click on your friends will do the trick. Simply restart the browser to restore original settings.

Ÿ         Twitoria shows you what friends you have not tweeted in a long time which makes it easier when you decide to delete them.


The above are just some of the tools at your disposal which will allow you to clean up your Twitter account. Of course, if you have such a high number of followers that your page is being cluttered up then you’re doing something right!

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