How to share pictures on twitter

People seem perfectly capable of sharing pictures on certain social networking sites, yet have no clue when it comes to Twitter. This is surprising when you consider how easy it actually is. There are actually dozens of methods of sharing those cherished photographic memories of you sprawled unconscious after drinking too much on your last vacation. You could even share some decent pics if you choose!

TweeTube sounds like a blatant rip off of YouTube and in some ways it is. You enter it in exactly the same way as you do Twitter, including your password and username. Then you need to setup a PIN number which functions in the same way as a bank card. You cannot send pictures on the site unless you have this PIN. Once you are in, you’re able to use your phone and email to upload photos as well as the usual direct upload method. Users can send up to five pictures per upload.

Twitgoo is one of the fastest and most convenient ways to send pictures on Twitter. All you have to do is enter your Twitter information. After this all that is required is a message of no more than 100 or so characters and you can then instantly upload your pictures. There is even a timeline that shows all pictures shared by your fellow users.

Pikchur is strange insofar as it does not contain ‘Twee’ or ‘Twit’ anywhere in its title! This is probably because it allows users to share pictures on a whole host of sites besides Twitter including Flickr and Facebook. Pictures can be sent through the site via MMS and email as well as normal upload. This is a fantastic site for anyone with a host of accounts and would like to share all their pictures on Twitter.

SnapTweet is a means of posting your Flickr pictures on Twitter. Simply enter your Twitter information followed by your Flickr URL. This could be more convenient than it is. Currently you have to inform SnapTweet via a direct message that includes the name of the Flickr photo. This is an irritant though there is now an auto-post feature available that can alleviate some of this hassle.

BeenUp2 is a site that allows its members to post photos from their mobile phone. Those with a BeenUp2 account will be given a personal email to send your pictures with. It has a feature that allows you to connect with your Twitter account which means all photos posted on BeenUp2 will automatically end up on your Twitter page if you wish.

These are just a selection of what is available. There is no excuse not to start sharing all your photos, whether they are embarrassing or not. None of the mentioned sites are difficult to connect with so start sharing!

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