How to use the favourites feature

Twitter has so many amazing features and things to look at that sometimes the most obvious yet useful things get overlooked. It’s like when you ignore the cure girl next door for years until the penny drops. Unfortunately she has been snapped up by someone else and you’re left wondering what might have been. Luckily for you, the favourites feature on Twitter is not going to run off with the local hunk. It is one of the oldest and most underused features on the site, mainly because people have no idea how to utilise it.

Twitter contains amazing content pure and simple. If you’re following someone it’s because they offer something great and the site has millions of users who may tweet something that you find interesting or funny. The thing is, there can be too much great stuff to read and not enough time to read them all. Then they get lost in the great Twitter maze, never to be found again. Yet if you were to favourite these tweets, you could come back and look at them later with ease. This also allows others to view what you have selected as your favourites and perhaps they can share similar interesting content.

Blatant self promotion is the goal of any company desperately trying to make a name for themselves on Twitter. This is the case for individuals too who would like to promote their talents to all. Receiving compliments on Twitter is a great confidence boost and it can also improve your chances of networking with others who see you’re a cool person to deal with. If someone happens to pay you a compliment, be sure to favourite it for all to see.

Then you have those tweets that you simply don’t want to let go. Whether it’s a loving tweet from someone special, a motivational tweet from someone you respect and admire or simply a random tweet that made you wet yourself laughing (not literally, if you did, seek help), making it one of your favourites ensures that it is saved for as long as you want it to be.

As you can see, using favourites is an exceedingly useful tool but it should only be used sparingly. Like the good cutlery, putting too many tweets on your favourites list devalues them. Resist the temptation to overload your page with random funny tweets and utilize a forgotten Twitter tool.

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