Keeping your audience interested on twitter

If you have signed up to Twitter and have taken the time to carefully build a following, chances are that you will be extremely keen to keep them onside and this means maintaining their interest. You probably gained a following for tweeting on a particular topic so you need to keep at least three quarters of your tweets related to that subject. If you become popular for your insights on modern sports, suddenly switching to tweets lambasting governments over healthcare cuts is likely to alienate a large proportion of your audience who want to know the latest football transfer news, not some rant about a section of your local hospital closing down, regardless of how tragic and disappointing that is.

Some people have the belief that you need to be addicted to Twitter to be a success. According to them, if you are not tweeting every five minutes you will lose your audience. In actual fact, the opposite is the case. Overexposure is as bad as non-activity as your audience will soon grow tired of your incessant tweeting. This is particularly the case because it is virtually impossible to tweet one hundred pieces of valuable information a day. Limit yourself to a few tweets a day and make them count.

You should maintain good etiquette at all times. Don’t follow too many people if you don’t have a large following as you look like a spammer. Never tweet in a drunken or drug addled state unless your audience knows that you’re the edgy artistic type who is somehow more ‘profound’ when your tweets are chemically induced. Avoid being a pedant who sends tweets correcting spelling mistakes and always keep your thoughts as succinct as possible. Multiple tweets regarding one thought can quickly lose you followers.

Unless the whole reason you are being followed in the first place is because of your no-holds barred views on controversial issues, avoid tweeting on such matters. Often, people will say things about topics like this without any evidence to back up your point and even if your opinion is well informed, you are still likely to lose followers who are fundamentally against what you have to say. So steer clear of religious and race issues for example if at all possible.

They say that getting to the top is not as hard as staying there. While this is not exactly the case on Twitter, if you intend on keeping your following and possibly making it even larger, you need to follow the above tips to maintain their interest. Stay active but not overactive, always practice good manners on Twitter and don’t alienate your audience with controversial opinions.

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