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System Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a method of having your company’s product found by users when they type in a certain phrase in a search engine like Google. Many articles are written with specific keywords in mind and this helps the company start ranking in the wide world of the internet. If you are using Twitter to promote your company, surely it makes sense to use the same kind of principle in order to make your business more visible. This is not to say that you should enter your company name 100 times and risk looking like an idiot, but SEO is a great way to get more views and followers on Twitter.


First and foremost you need to optimise your title tag. This simply means that you should use either your own name or your company name as your Twitter name. So no more witty plays on words, enter RichardJohnsonLimited not Dick’s Tricks if you plan on getting some views. All you have to do to change your name is enter Twitter and go to ‘Settings’.


When you Google something, you will notice some information underneath the main name. This is known as the ‘meta description’ and should be written in a professional manner to attract serious clients. What a lot of people don’t realise is that their Twitter ‘bio’ will actually come up as your meta description when people Google you. Discovery of this knowledge will certainly result in hordes of business people scrambling to their Twitter account and changing information such as their love of pornography to something a little more mundane.


You should also spread your words of wisdom around like confetti on occasion. Being selfish and only giving out links to your blog is not the way to go. Ensure that you also have links that are directed to your Twitter account. Also, Twitter will link your followers to your profile. If some of your followers happen to have a good SEO ranking, your page will also receive a boost so be sure to start networking!


Optimising your Twitter profile in the same way as SEO is a fantastic way to generate more views and hopefully followers. It is essential that you consistently tweet high quality content however. This will ensure that you get more and more customers and maintain your high search engine rank. Like it or not, humans are lazy creatures so the easier it is to find something, the more likely we are to read it!

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