More sites that help clean up your twitter site

So you have come up with an great profile and suddenly everyone is trying to follow you. Yet your full time job does not involve Twitter so you don’t have time to search through all your followers as well as people you follow to see who is the most relevant. Every so often you may want to do a clean up of your Twitter account but wielding the axe is difficult when you don’t know who to behead (unlike the corpulent Henry VIII). It’s lucky for you then that you have sites that are designed to help you clean up your account with all the efficiency of a Tudor executioner (ok maybe not, they weren’t that good!).


Ÿ         Twitterator: This basically allows you to follow a host of fellow Twitter users all at once. Enter a URL that contains a list of Twitter names and enter.

Ÿ         My Tweeple: You see, ‘Tweeple’ is a funny nickname for people who use Twitter. So you get to play Gandhi and pretend that you’re the leader of a large nation of people. Actually, this is a great way to manage all of the people involved in your Twitter account as either followers or those you stalk er follow. With one click you can block, unblock, follow or unfollow people. Much better than taking part in some salt march.

Ÿ         Twitoria: If you are unsure who you should unfollow, this site aids you by unmasking those devious creatures that don’t tweet so you can erase them in a cold, calculated manner, like the Terminator.

Ÿ         TweepSearch: This is a pretty useful tool because it allows you to find your friends’ bio. This will contain information about them such as their current location, allowing you to pop in for a cup of tea. Might be difficult if you’re in Brighton and they’re in Madras however.

Ÿ         Twitter Friends: This site enables you to find Twitter users who are the most relevant to you. In other words, it filters your friends in a very effective way. If you have 2,000 ‘Tweeple’, this will narrow it right down to those with whom you are in contact most and who have the most in common with you.

Ÿ         Social WhoIs: This site can help you decide whether to follow someone or not based on common interests. Not only that, but this site also helps you to start or take part in conversations that are taking place regarding your interests.

Ÿ         TwitterHolic: A dedicated site for those who live and breathe Twitter. It is constantly updated so you can discover who the most popular Twitter users are, and no, IT’S NOT YOU!


These are just a small number of the immense number of sites dedicated to making Twitter a more manageable experience. Be sure to use at least one of them to find people with whom you share common interests while getting rid of those who are just a name on your page.


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