Representing your company on twitter

Twitter now has hundreds of millions of followers with companies licking their lips at the prospect of free advertising. This site could be the greatest marketing tool ever invented if used correctly. It allows you to connect directly with your customers in a way that billboards, infomercials and commercials never could. Your audience is potentially millions so it is vital that you use Twitter in the right way to connect with your audience rather than alienate them.

The biggest problem with using Twitter as a marketing device is the fact that it could cause you to become lazy. You could use TwitterFeed to link your blog posts directly to your Twitter account but this is only recommended when your blog posts are related to your company. Inject a bit of personality into your tweets as well, no one wants to buy products off a Dalek!

You could take the personal touch to the next level by perhaps creating a personality, just avoid inventing something as annoying as Floyd Mayweather Jr.! Your Twitter account should be your company’s voice to the millions of users on the site so don’t be afraid to refer to yourself in the first person. By using CoTweet you can add your initials to each tweet which really gives your audience the impression that there is some individuality behind your company.

It is a great idea to search for mentions of your company’s name on Twitter too. This should not be done in a fit of paranoia however. It is essential to find out what your followers and potential customers are saying about you. If they are saying positive things then all well and good, but you need to root out any criticism you find about your products or methods. No business or marketing campaign is perfect so this is an ideal way to discover what you’re doing wrong and how you can improve matters. Your followers will be flattered that you have taken their suggestions on board and this makes them more likely to purchase what you have to offer.

Take this a step further by asking your customers questions. It is not always possible to find out what people are saying about you or else they may be keeping their thoughts to themselves. Unless you have extra-terrestrial mind reading abilities, you will have to man up and ask some questions.

Although it can be fun and rewarding to offer incentives to followers to promote you to their followers and friends, this is something that can backfire occasionally. Those who tweet to their followers may be delighted with what you give them, but those who get the tweets may think that they are receiving spam. Soon, word could get spread around about your company’s spamming practices which could ruin you. If you can thread the fine line between acceptable behaviour and spamming, Twitter offers you a host of potential clients which could send your profits into orbit.

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