Schedule tweets and knowing your audience

If you have ever started up a business, you needed a business plan to ascertain what you were trying to achieve as well as showing potential investors the profitability of your business. Hundreds of thousands of companies are now using Twitter to increase their visibility and hope that the millions of users on the site will give their product the time of day. Yet if you have no plan about how to use Twitter to promote your company, your account is as pointless as starting up any business without a plan.


What you should do is come up with an idea to schedule your tweets in advance. You could spend maybe an hour coming up with tweets that will be sent in a few weeks time. These tweets should be carefully crafted to suit your target audience, a bit like reality TV shows but your tweets will presumably have some semblance of thought put into them. This plan should ensure that your audience knows what you’re intending to talk about and this knowledge remains constant, even when other conversations steer you off course.


Decide what kind of audience you are intending to reach before you create your tweets. Do you want to go after potential clients, would you rather stay in touch with suppliers or is networking your aim? Then you have the tricky part of trying to figure out how many tweets to send a day. Too few will see you fade from consciousness, too many will irritate your audience like a bad 80s pop song. Be sure to include a set number of tweets from your plan. Things like content, timing of tweets etc. depend on factors such as your audience’s location and tastes.


Search Engine Optimisation is the practice of including keywords in text so that the article or blog entry will place high on the Google search engine listings. The higher it places, the more people that read it. The same principle applies on Twitter. You need to come up with keywords that your audience is looking for the most so that they can find you when they enter a phrase in the search box. Use short, snappy, commonly used words and ensure that you stay within the 140 character limit.


When the time comes to write your tweets, pre-planned or otherwise, you must always use one of your keywords in the tweet and be sure to have unique content as duplicate tweets are erased by Twitter. Even if your target audience is in the same location, never schedule or send tweets in bunches. Try and have five pre-planned tweets sent out a couple of hours apart so even when you’re in bed your audience is being reached.


Whether you are just dipping your toe in Twitter waters or else you have been a member for a while with no discernible improvement in your product sales, following the above tips should be a catalyst for greater success.

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