Setting up Tweetchat

While social networking is all the rage and it helps brings people together, many of these sites are limited by what they can do. For example, on Facebook you can instantly message your friends but you cannot really talk to them simultaneously as the page seems to slow. This is incredibly frustrating plus you have to be careful not to type the wrong thing to the wrong person when you have several chat windows open. There are better ways to tell your friend that you slept with their ex after all! On Twitter, you have the option of setting up chat rooms with ease. Everyone you wish to talk to will be available and it’s a great way to meet new friends.

TweetChat is so easy to use that a blind chimpanzee (or a politician) can use it. First of all, you obviously have to be a member of Twitter to set the whole process in motion. The login is authenticated by Twitter which means that you don’t have to worry about having your account details being exposed to strangers. Once your sign in is authenticated, you will be returned directly to TweetChat. If you have more than one Twitter account, (company and personal accounts perhaps) you can sign out of the room and re-enter under your new name.

Once you are in TweetChat, your options are almost limitless. You could just meander into a room and engage in a conversation with complete strangers. This is a cool way to get to know people and is extremely impulsive (just don’t attempt this under the influence of alcohol!). If you are looking for a specific topic, simply use the hashtags which will help you locate a specific topic. Once you have decided what your burning issue of the day is, Twitter will automatically direct you to a room that is discussing that topic.

Once inside, you will be tweeting in real time because each tweet automatically gets the hash tag added so the room instantly updates. The ‘User Control’ feature is great way to either feature people who interest you or else block those nasty people you think are spammers. Finally, ‘smart pausing’ is a new feature which prevents the page from refreshing when you scroll down, thus ensuring that you don’t reply to the wrong person.

So there you have it, conversing with people who have similar interests on Twitter has never been easier. Enjoy locking horns with fellow brainiacs and ignore those who are only there on a wind up.

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