Ten to follow in business on twitter

As Twitter is such a huge site, there is an enormous amount of rubbish tweeted on there. From wannabe comedians telling jokes that are about as funny as realising you bet on England to win the World Cup as well as ‘know it alls’ whose fountain of wisdom never stops flowing yet the useful advice never starts … Amid all of this carnage lie some genuinely important, intelligent and relevant people. Just as an example, here is a list of ten Twitter users you should follow if you’re interested in business.


Ÿ         Henry Blodget can be found @hblodget and is as controversial as he is important in the business world. He is a Wall Street Internet analyst who constantly updates his followers about all things capitalism.

Ÿ         Heidi N. Moore can be found @moorehn and once worked for the Wall Street Journal before she presumably decided that the publication didn’t allow her the freedom she desired. So she flew the nest and is now a freelancer.

Ÿ         Andrew Ross Sorkin can be found @andrewrsorkin and has almost 300,000 followers. This proves that the world just can’t get enough news about how to make money. Just look at ‘communist’ China.

Ÿ         Justin Fox can be followed @foxjust and is the editorial director at Harvard Business Review Group. He has also written a book or two so I guess this means he knows something.

Ÿ         Daniel Gross can be found @grossdm but has only a fraction of the followers of Sorkin. The fact that his picture makes him look like a 1970s politician probably doesn’t help matters. He is a financial columnist for Slate and Newsweek so it’s not like he doesn’t know anything.

Ÿ         Roben Farzad can be found @robenfarzad and offers his followers a humorous look at the technology and finance sectors.

Ÿ         Eric Savitz can be found @savitz and is a columnist for Barron’s. Clearly, hiding behind a bunch of figures doesn’t do it for these columnists who hope that Twitter can get them affiliated with some attractive women who find number crunching sexy.

Ÿ         Paul Pedrosky is found @pkedrosky and is a well known face and TV commentator to those in the Southern Californian area. Maybe he can hook the others up with some of the region’s models.

Ÿ         Felix Salmon can be found @felixsalmon and is a financial whiz who would probably scoff at this article. Then again I don’t care.

Ÿ         Peter Kafka can be found @pkafka, is probably not related to Franz and certainly doesn’t share the latter’s love for socialism. He is renowned as an expert in hardware and Silicon Valley matters.


So if you want to take some time away from Chad the frat boy’s latest tweet about how awesome it is to chug a six pack and collapse in the hallway, check out the tweets of these brilliant financial minds. Who knows, you may even learn something.

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