Twitter marketing etiquette

Twitter’s popularity is reaching insane proportions. It has gotten to the point where every business worth their salt is clamouring to get their brand known on the site for fear of ending up like the infamous “Two guys from Kabul” (they had NO clientele) from The Simpsons. Yet just like general tweeting has etiquette, marketing on Twitter has a certain number of unwritten conventions that must be followed if you plan on being a success.


If you are running a company and want to connect with your audience, it is ok to divulge a little information by yourself but you don’t want to be overdoing it. First of all, it is all about the company. You goal is to get followers for the business, not cultivate a new Manson family of deranged followers. This could happen if you give them minute details about your own life. Big Brother fans may be interested, but it’s not a good thing to have John Brinkley following you. Ask Jodie Foster.


Then again, not all of your tweets should be related to business as this will just make you look like a spammer. Including your new kind of orange juice or company name in every tweet is exceedingly irritating for the average Twitter. I like drinking *** orange juice in the morning. *** orange juice is the perfect pick me up when I feel groggy. See, it is getting annoying already!


It is difficult to strike a balance between advertising too much and no enough, between talking directly to people so much as to turn them off and not talking to anyone and causing them to unfollow you through lack of interest. Just sending out information to the masses is not conducive to great results. The best public speakers for example always make their audience feel like they are talking to them individually. While this is a much harder task when it comes to tweeting, it can be done and perhaps you may want to spend a little time crafting individual messages tailored to your followers. This will get more difficult as your following grows but by then you will know you are doing something right!


You need to make a Twitter blueprint or plan of action. This is basically a marketing plan that all business have to create in order to be a success. Remember, no matter how good your product is, without visibility, there will be no success. Twitter is a remarkable way of getting your message across and learning how to do it effectively is the key to continued success. While different methods work for everyone, the above advice is standard and failure to follow it could spell doom before your business even gets off the ground. And remember to drink *** orange juice for a fresher feeling in the morning!

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