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Twitter is one of the hottest internet sensations of the last number of years. It is estimated that membership will exceed one billion in the future with companies and individuals trying to catch the eye of potential investors as well as the usual social networking aspect of any good website. It is exceedingly easy to make new friends and networking has never been simpler. Here are some tips regarding striking up and maintaining conversations with people.

A good username is essential. Unfortunately, calling yourself ‘horny guy’ is unlikely to endear you to too many people on Twitter. Of course there are sure to be a few with whom that name resonates but it is better to use your own name if it’s available, especially for business reasons. On your home page, be sure to include some fascinating details about your goals and ambitions, this is a prerequisite for anyone in business.

As Twitter has a huge social networking element, there will naturally be some sort of etiquette required. Twitter is actually unique insofar as you have a 140 character limit so inane ramblings about the ‘old days’ are not encouraged. Keep your tweets short, sweet and to the point or else people will just get bored of you. Ensure also that your tweets are somewhat interesting, no one cares about what you had for breakfast or how many pints you drank before you wandered naked into your in-laws bedroom (ok that WOULD be interesting but still not recommended storytelling practice.)

Be friendly and giving. This doesn’t mean that you should divulge your credit card details to some poor girl so she can ‘fly over and see you’. It just implies that you should re-tweet as often as is necessary because there is nothing people like more than be listened to and understood (we are simple creatures after all). This should extend to following someone who follows you, within reason of course. It always looks far better if you have more followers than people you follow. Having 6 followers and following 345 people is just sad.

Whether you are on Twitter for friendship purposes or networking reasons, be sure to give a little information about yourself. While you don’t need to expose yourself to millions, people respond better when they feel that they’re dealing with an actual person and not an automaton.

These are just some of the tips available for a successful Twitter experience. As you can see, most of it is common sense. You need to have the ability to tweet as often as is necessary while managing to avoid saturating the site with messages and learn how to be friendly without being cloying. Most people get by just fine by being themselves on Twitter and this is recommended for all new users.

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