Using hash tags to find new friends

The internet is a bit of a life saver for those looking for people with similar interests. This is particularly true if you come from a small town where you have little in common with many of the inhabitants. Twitter is one of the best places to find individuals who like the same things as you do. If you decide to follow a person with similar interests and they follow you back, you may be able to follow others on their friends list that have hobbies the same as you.


As Twitter has such a huge number of people, it can be hard to locate anyone with whom you have things in common. In order to narrow down the field, you need to use the hash tag. This # symbol should be added before you enter a phrase into the Twitter search box. For example, if you’re a huge Led Zeppelin fan, all you need to do is place a hash in front of the legendary British rock band’s name and enter. You should see a host of tweets relating to the band. All you have to do now is delve a little deeper and you could make a new friend on Twitter. By not placing the # symbol in front of the search you are liable to see tweets about Zeppelin airships mixed in with posts about the band.


These hash tags also enable your own friends to find your tweets easily. If your followers also know how to use the hash tags, they will find what you’ve written amongst the millions of tweets with incredible speed. If you want followers to find a post you made regarding your thoughts on the popular TV show ’Entourage’ for example, all you would have to do is enter #Entourage after your post to make it easy to find. This has the added bonus of not taking up much of your 140 character limit.


These tags can be used on literally anything. If it’s in the news, it will come up after your search. Typing in #Obama will show up thousands of tweets about the American president for example. So wasting time sifting through hundreds of posts is no longer a problem. Simply add a hash tag to your tweet in order to make it more visible and add the hash tag to your searches too. This one little symbol can help you avoid getting lost amid the sea of Twitter topics and will enable you to quickly find people who share the same interests as you.

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