Using twitter to talk to people

If you’re new to Twitter, it may seem a little confusing and the whole process of talking to people will seem alien. As there is a limit of 140 characters per tweet, about the length of a text message, it will seem difficult to come up with something interesting and relevant in only a few words. Unless you’re only worried about communicating with your closest friends, sending tweets that describe your breakfast are unlikely to gain you many followers.

Anyone who successfully tweets will tell you to observe what others are doing to generate interest in themselves. Self-promotion is not as common as you think with about 20% of posts advertising a blog or product. So blatant marketing will not gain you many friends either. Instead, you need to impose yourself on Twitter and start interjecting in conversations. Think of the site as an online party were you have to mingle to enjoy yourself. Remember, you are somewhat protected from rejection by the screen so don’t be bashful and never take offence when someone doesn’t reply.

If someone has a promotion or comment that you find interesting, be sure to retweet it to spread it around. If someone has a question, be sure to answer it if you can. By being of service, people will start to know who you are and engage in conversation. Eventually, people who you assist will return the favour and you may strike up something of a friendship.

There will be occasions when you are stuck for something to say so this is where you use all the resources of the internet which are at your fingertips. Go to a reputable news site and find out the latest news of consequence and also try and find some quirky or feel good stories. You don’t want to be known as the harbinger of doom after all! People also respond well to quotations and insights from famous and influential people, think Bruce Lee or the Dalai Lama.

Most important of all is striking a balance when divulging details of your life. Twitter is a worldwide phenomenon and not the best place to tell stories of things you would rather keep to yourself. However, don’t completely fence yourself in. An occasional story about a humorous event in your life and some details of your everyday existence is necessary in order to make others see that you’re a real person and fun to talk to. Learning how to talk on Twitter is not as hard as you think but be warned, it could prove to be incredibly addictive too!

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